Migraine Mastery

You are a Rockstar! You suffer from the 6th most disabling illness in the world, your struggle is barely understood by your loved ones, but yet you press on. Kudos to you!

Migraines are quite challenging to live with and having a business, a job or a family, can make it even more challenging. Would you like to learn how to gain mastery over migraines, to take back control of your life so you can build the life you truly desire? If so, watch this free training now.

Get to the root cause of your migraines rather than just treating the symptoms.

Mastery Pillars

Personalized Solution

The Migraine Mastery Method™ will incorporate all the aspects of your life to create a personalized solution. You will understand brain mechanics – which is how your brain functions, your triggers, optimal brain nutrition and effective Stress management.

Scientific Approach

The Migraine Mastery Method™ is a proven method based on the science of Nutritional Genomics – the science that studies the relationship between nutrition and genes, and Epigenetics – the science that studies the influence of external factors such as lifestyle, stress and environment, on genetic expression.

Tailored Holistic Plan

With migraines, each individual is unique. Your genetics, triggers, pain, lifestyle, stressors, family and work dynamics are specific to you. Therefore, your Mastery Plan must also be tailored just for you. No ‘cookie-cutter’ plans!

What other clients say

I found working with Toni to be eye-opening and beneficial. I particularly like Toni’s sympathy, professionalism and guidance. At the end of the coaching sessions, I had learnt a lot of life-changing truths.

― Kat

Toni guided me through a step-by-step process that removed all thoughts of impossibility. He took me on a journey to achieving wholesome health. The way he explains the interaction between food, genes and lifestyle was very important to helping me gain mastery.

― Helen

Mastery is you being in control of your life instead of migraines.

Our Success


Having had migraines for over 15+ years, I know personally what it is like to live with migraines on a daily basis.


The Migraine Mastery Method™ is based on a 100% holistic strategy. No medication, fancy equipment or fad is used.


Year on year the Migraine Mastery Method™ has produced the consistent result you are looking for for 5 consecutive years.

It All Starts With A Strategy Session

I am so confident in the Migraine Mastery Method’s ability to help you gain mastery over migraines, that I’m willing to solve a problem for you for free.

It starts with a quick phone consultation. The goal of this call is to focus on an urgent or ongoing challenge that you’re facing. In this call, you will receive a solution to your current issue — which is why it’s called a Strategy Session.

All of my clients will tell you that they walked away from this initial call with a new sense of hope and direction. By experience, I can tell you that it’s all about the first 10 minutes. If it’s a good fit we move forward. If not, you still come away with value; as we are absolutely going to solve a problem in this call.

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